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Hi, I’m Helen…

…number one Disney fan, I adore musical theatre & singing, love to travel (especially cruising), and mother to three fantastic young adults who I love dearly. I am proud to have been published in SLR lounge, Wed Magazine, and Your Devon and Cornwall Wedding. I have also been an award-winning member of The Guild of Photographers and have trained with internationally-recognised photographers.

I absolutely love my job as a wedding photographer, my photography style is mostly bold and colorful with the aim of capturing the emotional-driven photos of your wedding day, – moments of love between you and your family. Moments that are your memories – memories of your loved ones that will be handed down to future generations.

I also love making creative portraits, the sort of portraits that take place at sunset, the sort of portraits that you will want to hang on your wall for all your friends and family to see. 

So that’s why I photograph weddings, But what you also need to know is a little bit about me as a person, because one of the things you must do is make sure you like your photographer as you will be spending up to 12 hours with them on your wedding day, plus an engagement shoot!  
So who am I?  That’s the question isn’t it?  


emotionally driven storytelling

My approach is a fusion of documentary and storytelling, some traditional and some artistic photography, but I aim for bold,  colorful and emotionally driven wedding photography.  I find this creates a perfect approach to telling the unique story of your wedding day by capturing those emotional moments when you think no one is looking, through to the epic sunset photo of you both as a married couple at the end of the day.  For me, making sure you both enjoy your day and feel relaxed knowing you do not need to worry about your wedding photos is crucial. As an experienced Devon wedding photographer, I have many years of knowledge and skills to expertly tell the story of your day.



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It’s so important to consider the style of your wedding photography, do the photographer’s images represent your vision for your day? Are you looking for images at is light and airy, sepia, black and white, or colorful?  Does the photographer focus solely on traditional, posed images, artistic only or will their work show a true representation of your wedding day? 

My packages start at six hours for midweek and winter weddings and rise to over twelve hours to ensure you get those party shots.  An additional photographer can be added to your page ensuring you get more angles, preparations, and extra candid, magical moments. 

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