A bride and groom share a kiss amidst a sparkling backdrop of guests holding sparklers at night, creating a romantic, illuminated atmosphere.


Sparkers for wedding send off.

A sparkler exit is a simple way of creating a seriously stunning photo. These sparkler wedding photos look fantastic and certainly add a memorable moment and most definitely a wow factor to your wedding.

Here’s how it works:

Sparkler exits are cheap to set up and you don’t need many people to make them look fantastic. You do need some long handled golden sparklers, a bucket of sand to put the used sparklers in to, a group of sober wedding guests and a dark corner.

  • After the first dance, father daughter dance I will slip outside to set up for the sparkler exit.
  • When ready, I will inform the DJ and he will ask all the guests to move outside for the sparkler exit.
  • Your guests need to form two rows at least three meters apart, enough room for you to both to walk down the line safety without coming face to face with a sparkler, but close enough to get still get a good shot.
  • Don’t forget you need a sparkler each too.
  • If children are involved, I will make sure that each guest/parent, understands they are responsible for their own child’s safety and the safety of others around them.
  • When we are ready, and you are both ready to walk down the line, the co-ordinator will light the sparklers. They need to be lit quickly.
  • Enjoy the experience, dance through the line, celebrate, hug, scream whatever you do, do it slowly.
  • About the middle of the line stop, dip your bride and have a long kiss.
  • During your trip down the line I will take a number of photos, if time and sparklers allow I might ask you to do the walk for a second time to get some different interactions and a greater range of photos.

Safety First

The clue is in the name Sparkler Exit, so normally you would expect these photos to be taken right at the end of the party right? Wrong.

Party guests + late at night + alcohol = bad news when it comes to using sparklers (which are obviously fireworks) the maths does not stack up.

Instead, whilst we do need to be dark, we can take advantage of the time in the evening we photographers call the blue hour. This is the hour just after sunset where the sky is dark enough for us to use sparklers and still get great results.

Remember to check your time line, depending on the time of year I typically try to set up for the sparkler exits after the first dance or father daughter dance.

Will the venue mind?

This is dependent on them, if you would like a sparkler exit just ask. Most will allow it, some will allow it in certain places on the property and some will refuse it. As sparkler exits are fairly common place I believe that most venues will allow them, but be sure to ask that question. Better to ask a year before the wedding than to find out after you have bought the sparklers that sparkler exits are not permitted.

After the sparkler exit I set up for your final photos of the day, the night time portraits.

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