Silhouette of a couple facing each other, their figures blended artistically with white flowers against a soft white background.


Recently I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely young couple for their pre-wedding photoshoot. Whilst they got engaged in September 2020, like many young couples they have been unable to move forward in planning their wedding and an engagement shoot, whilst something they both wanted, was not possible due to Covid regulations.  However as we started to come out of lockdown I was able to offer them an engagement shoot.

We arranged to hold their pre-wedding photoshoot in Exeter at Rougemont Gardens. They were a lovely young couple who were up for any suggestion I made to get the sort of photographs I know they would love.

My main goals in any engagement shoot are to get the couple comfortable in front of the camera so  by the end of the shoot, I cease to be a photographer and hopefully have become a friend with a camera.

This is why these photos are so useful as the couple become really comfortable in front of the camera and we will start to get some genuine emotion and magical moments come through the lens.  Engagement photography impacts beautifully on the wedding day as the couple know me and I know them. I get to know what they like and don’t like, what makes them laugh etc and because they know me we can start to get beautiful photojournalistic, nature photos a lot more quickly than without a pre-wedding shoot.