A three-tiered wedding cake decorated with silver and white ornaments, displayed on a table in a lush green garden with a wooden fence in the background.


As a wedding cake designer a big part of my job is helping my couples to choose the right wedding cake for them. It’s something that can be overwhelming, but don’t panic!

Don’t worry if you have no idea what kind of wedding cake you want. If you go online and start having a look you will quickly discover what you really don’t like, which is a great way to narrow things down.  And when you see something you do like, then save it. Soon you will have a folder of cake pics. From these you will almost certainly see a trend emerging. Maybe they are all buttercream/semi naked cakes, or all fondant covered cakes. Maybe they all have flowers on, or maybe they are all quite simple. Already you will have started narrowing down your choices.

So here are a few tips on how to choose your wedding cake.

1/ Wedding cake size.

Knowing how big the cake needs to be will be helpful before we start designing. It’s good to know how many tiers there are to play with, and how big those tiers will be. Now you don’t need to be able to work out the cake size, we do that for you. If you tell us how many guests you will want the cake to serve, and if you want leftovers, then we will work the size out for you.

Wedding Venue

Where you are getting married will have an influence on the style of the whole wedding, including the cake. You wouldn’t want a very rustic style cake if your wedding venue was minimal and contemporary for example, it just wouldn’t fit in.

Wedding colour scheme

What’s your wedding colour scheme? This is something we can highlight in the cake. Bringing the wedding colours into the cake design helps to tie everything together.

Wedding flowers.

What are your wedding flowers? If you are wanting to have flowers on your cake, then it’s better if they match with the rest of the wedding flowers. So if you want fresh flowers on your cake, then ask your florist to provide some. Again, this will make sure everything ties together. And if you’re going for sugar flowers, then I can make them to match your bouquet etc.

Bespoke wedding cake

This is where it can be really fun! I’m a great believer in getting your personalities into your wedding. And the cake is a great way to do that. It’s also a more subtle way to do it. You can have a themed wedding cake to bring something personal into your wedding, without having a fully themed wedding. I once did a Death Star as a wedding cake for a Star Wars fan couple. The rest of the wedding was ‘normal’ but having the Death Star cake brought in that really personal touch. I also did a cake topper of the bride and groom as zombies on an otherwise normal wedding cake. It was a personal joke between them and they loved it.

Mood boards.

I love a good mood board. They really help me to see the bigger picture of the wedding as a whole. And that’s important. So if you have a wedding Pinterest board, then share it with your cake maker.

And finally have a good chat with your cake designer. Share with them all those cake pics you have been saving. Even if you think they are all very random, chances are we will be able to see similarities, and be able to guide you in the right direction.

Above all relax and enjoy the process.

Claire x

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