A couple kisses amidst rocky terrain with a reflective water puddle at sunset, under a colorful sky. the city skyline is visible in the background.


Friday 31st July 2020 was due to be the day before this lovely couple’s wedding – but sadly, it was not meant to be. COVID-19 had disrupted wedding plans, and with their wedding now postponed until later next year, we decided to mark the day in anyway by conducting their engagement shoot. Please enjoy a selection of photos from this lovely couple’s engagement shoot, and join me in wishing them well for next year!

engagement shoot Mount Batten, Plymouth

The plan for this shoot had originally been to go to Bovisands Beach, but like with much else this year, we had to make some alternate arrangements.

I like to arrive at least 45 minutes before my couple, especially if I am unfamiliar with the area, so that I can scout out some locations for the photos. During my telephone conversations, couples will  tell me the location they would like for their shoot. I always advise them that the location they choose should have an emotional connection for them – it should be somewhere they often go for dates together and general enjoyment, as it will make the photos more memorable and play a significant part in their story.

I arrived at Bovisands, and even though the Met Office had predicted beautiful weather, I was met with a blanket of fog! There was so much so that I could hardly make out the se. Now, there are some tricks that you can do with fog in photos, but not that many – and certainly not enough to fulfil the needs of my clients. So, after a phone call to Emma and John, we decided that we would head to Mount Batten. It was still a place that holds an emotional connection for them, and we wanted to see if the weather conditions were any better. Thankfully, I am glad to say they were.

The location did not disappoint. I must admit, being from Plymouth originally, I’d never actually been to Mount Batten before (to my shame!). The flexibility that this area offered allowed for some beautiful and creative photos. The sky also offered a beautiful range of cloud formations and colours and that, coupled with a stunning sunset, and a lovely couple meant that the engagement shoot was a complete success. I very much hope that Emma and John love their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

engagement shoot Mount Batten, Plymouth