A couple embraces affectionately while standing in shallow water at sunset, the golden sunlight reflecting on the water around them, with rocks and the sun low in the sky in the background.


Even when on holiday, I am looking for opportunities to practice my photography skills. So, on a recent holiday to Zante in Greece, that’s exactly what I did! I packed my DLSR, flash, stand and modifiers along with all the other holiday bits and bobs, and prayed that I wouldn’t be over the aircraft baggage limit. Well, I have to report that it was a little touch-and-go, but I managed to get my photography gear through the airport in both directions without too much trouble.

The holiday was lovely – 36°C! Too hot for me, but thankfully my friend Caz and I (who had come with me on this trip) had a pool just metres away from our sun loungers. It was here that we spent a lot of our time.  But even then, we didn’t just sit at the pool and relax, oh no. We went on turtle trips and to shipwreck coves, as well as swimming off the back of boats into the crystal clear ocean waters at every opportunity. We also travelled to Kefalonia by ferry, where we ventured into two very different cave systems and were fortunate to see an adult turtle swimming along the quayside in the main city of Argostolion.

Anyway, back to the photography – we met a lovely young couple called Brodie and Aled. When I told them what I did for a living, they asked if they could have a photoshoot. No problem! I always some research before a shoot: what the couples like, the best locations for the photos, etc., and I discovered that Agassi, the village we were staying in on Zante, is famous for a  ruined venetian bridge. It used to be part of the road, but now had succumbed to the sea. So, after a pre-shoot recce of the area, I took my camera and the lovely couple – with my good friend in tow – and made our way to the bridge.

As with all shoots, it takes a little while for the couple to get comfortable in front of the camera. Part of my role as the photographer is to make the process as fun and enjoyable as possible, and with my help, they quickly relaxed into the photoshoot and started to enjoy themselves.

I’d like to thank Caz personally for helping me out – you using your phone to take photos of me working was very helpful! Hopefully you’ll all be able to see the difference in quality within the photos and understand why it’s a good idea to hire a professional photographer for your special occasions. It’s not so much about the camera – that’s just a tool you use. It’s more about the years of knowledge that go into working with lighting, composition, posing and more. That’s what you are learning when you take up the art of photography, and that’s what lets you bring out the best in any photograph.

Thank you also to my beautiful couple. I hope you enjoyed the shoot and love your photos.

Please watch the video testimonal below I hope you like it. X