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Hi, my name is Helen. I am a creative, award-winning wedding photographer capturing weddings throughout Somerset.

I love photographing weddings wherever they may be, but Somerset has its own charm, from the county town feel of Taunton though to the coastline of Minehead, and even the madness that comes each year from the Glastonbury festival. So I have created this page to help you through your wedding planning journey and to tell you a little bit more about the county of Somerset and some of its fabulous wedding venues.  I also hope that it will help you to decide on your perfect Somerset wedding photographer.

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Somerset Wedding Photographer  

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Okay, so I was not born in Somerset, but I have lived alongside this amazing county for all of my life. I love photographing weddings and as I know Somerset can offer some of the best backdrops for your wedding day I thought it might be handy, as a semi-local girl, to tell you a little bit more about this beautiful county. 

Somerset’s cities


Somerset has a number of lovely towns and cities both large and small, but I suppose the most famous of them all is Bath. Situated in the north-east of Somerset, adjacent to the M4, Bath is a world-famous city named after its Roman bath spa, but Bath also has some beautiful architecture. The writings of Jane Austin (who wrote many of her books whilst living in Bath) have cemented this city’s reputation for glorious architecture and helped to foster Bath’s reputation as the place to film period dramas such as Bridgerton, which have been broadcast worldwide.

From a wedding photographer’s perspective, you really couldn’t wish for a better location than Bath for your wedding photography. Can you imagine having wedding photos on the Pulteney Bridge which crosses the River Avon or taking some of your couple’s portraits on the Royal Crescent? Or even getting married at the Roman Baths?  Wherever you look in Bath you will find a picture-perfect location for all your wedding photography needs.


Taunton in west-central Somerset, is a market town based in the heart of Somerset. Probably Taunton’s most famous feature is its Anglo-Saxon Castle, which is now a hotel run by the Chapman family, and no unfortunately they are not related.  This stunning castle will give an impressive backdrop to your wedding photography and if you have ever felt like you might want to get married in a castle in Somerset then this is your chance.

Crowcombe Court

Other wedding venues close to Taunton include the beautiful Crowcombe Court, a majestic grade 1 listed mansion on the edge of the Quantock hills. Crowcombe Court is a beautiful wedding venue from a photography point of view. It has both a stunning exterior and interior which are brilliant for your wedding photography, as well as creating a backup plan for group and couple portraits if our British weather lets you down.

One big plus for Crowcombe Court is that it is an exclusive wedding venue, meaning that they only host one couple at the wedding venue per day, you will not bump into anybody else’s wedding guests. It’s also dog friendly.

Hestercombe Gardens

Hestercombe Gardens is a stunning exclusive venue just outside of Taunton. If you are looking for a wedding venue with a number of options this could be it. Hestercombe offers couples a range of different locations to get married; you can say your I-dos in your very own temple, magnificent orangery, or overlooking the vast grounds on the Victorian Terrace, to name but a few. Hestercombe Gardens has accommodations for your guests and coupled with over fifty acres of quintessentially beautiful landscape and formal Somerset gardens Hestercombe is definitely a wedding venue to consider.


Further afield

Haselbury Mill

Haselbury Mill in south Somerset lies some 20 miles from Taunton, close to Chard, and is another grand wedding venue. Haselbury Mill is an exclusive wedding venue, so much so that they only host one couple per wedding venue. Why do I say this? Because they have three different types of venues all on one site. Again, Haselbury has beautiful grounds, but be aware you may well bump into someone else’s wedding party when conducting your group’s wedding photos. 


Just up to the road from Taunton lies Bridgewater. Bridgewater, in west Somerset, is famous for its Carnival which takes place each November and is arguably the UK’s oldest, largest and brightest illuminated carnival. This smaller market town hosts a number of quaint wedding venues.

Dairy House Farm

Dairy House Farm lies about five miles away from Bridgewater itself, but still within the confines of Somerset.  This rustic wedding venue offers complete exclusivity, its quaint rustic charm offers everything you need to for your wedding day, from the service to the reception. Whilst Dairy House Farm does not offer accommodation, if you’ve ever fancied making your entrance on a tractor this could be the perfect wedding venue for you. It even has its own mini orchard with a variety of fruiting trees, meaning that if you get married between mid-April and mid-May be sure to get your wedding photographer to take some couple portraits that incorporate the blossom.

Somerset in general

It doesn’t really matter which area of Somerset you choose to get married in, what matters more is how you want your wedding to look or feel. Are you looking for a stately home, a castle, or a rustic feel or do you want a completely different feel to your wedding and would possibly consider getting married somewhere different like Wookey Hole Caves in North-West Somerset?

Wherever you choose Somerset’s mild climate, rolling countryside, beautiful seascapes on the north coast, and historic and architectural backdrops make this county a top UK wedding destination.

As a wedding photographer, I believe I am truly lucky to live alongside such a spectacular county as Somerset as it offers wedding couples such diversity when considering their perfect wedding location. 


Choosing the correct Somerset wedding photographer who will work with your style and theme is very important. When looking for your wedding photographer ask yourselves these questions:

Do they understand my wants and vision for my wedding day?

Do I like the style of their photos?

Does the package offer what I am looking for? 

Do I like their personality?

These questions are so important! Yes, as a Somerset wedding photographer I am technically a wedding supplier, but I aim to be so much more than that. I try to be someone, who by the time you get married has become “a friend with a camera.”

Understanding your vision wants and needs is crucial. How can any wedding photographer take photographs that you will love if they do not understand what is important to you? That’s why I take the time during our pre-booking meeting to find out more about you both as a couple and to delve deeper into what is really important to you in your wedding photography.

Equally, having a wedding photographer whose personality matches yours is really important, because If we are relaxed around one another it will result in better-quality, natural photos.

So, if you’re looking for a Somerset wedding photographer who really cares about your needs and wants and loves creating, fun, natural, and creative photos that really tell the story of your own wedding day, then consider me as your wedding photographer.

To see more of my approach to capturing a wedding day, please scroll down.


My wedding photography style

One of the things you should consider when choosing your Somerset wedding photographer is the style of the photographer. What do I mean by that?

Different types of wedding photographer

Photojournalistic style is also known as candid and natural wedding photography

Some wedding photographers will call themselves photojournalists, which really means they just photograph exactly what’s in front of them i.e. they will not move anything to clean up a photograph before taking it, so if you have lots of clutter in the getting-ready room watch out!

Classic, traditional wedding photography

Next, we have classical, traditional wedding photographers, the sort of photos that your parents would have had in their day where you simply stand and pose for the camera. These sort of photos are timeless and you will find examples on any grandmas mantelpiece. Most photographers will use some element of this within the wedding day, usually in group photos.

Editorial wedding photography

These are the sorts of photos that you will see in wedding magazines.  They are highly posed and the sort of wedding photos created would not look out of place in a high fashion magazine. These photos work best when you have a high-end wedding venue.

This Somerset wedding photographers style.

I would describe my style as a fusion between documentary and storytelling, with the add-on that I will move an object if I need to in order to get a better photograph.

Ultimately, my aim is to tell the story of your wedding day by capturing those hidden moments and natural smiles. Of course, I will take traditional portraits, macro photos for the rings, etc. All wedding photographers will do, but some will focus on one of these areas over the others. 

Whatever we name it, my main aim is to produce bold, colorful, and emotionally driven wedding photography that you love.

This, in my opinion, creates a perfect approach to telling the unique story of your wedding day by capturing the emotions around you.  And of course, I also love to create an artistic photo or two whether this is through changing angles throughout the day or waiting till night-time for an epic sunset in order to create the sort of wedding art that you will want to place on the wall for all your friends and family to see.

As an experienced Somerset wedding photographer, I have years of knowledge and skills in telling the story of your day.  Packages start at six hours for midweek and winter weddings and rise to twelve hours, which includes a second wedding photographer.  


I know that your wedding day is really important to you and you want to make everything perfect for your day. You want to ensure that you make the right choice so that the memories from your wedding day are captured forever, right?

Well, all I can say is that as a Somerset wedding photographer I am passionate about ensuring that your wedding photos allow you to relive the emotional moments, happy tears, and laughter of your wedding day. 

As your wedding photographer, I will seek to go above and beyond my power, to make your wedding day the happiest it can be.

So, sit back and relax, I’ve got you covered.

Helen Chapman

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