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Hi there, I'm Helen!

If you are reading this, then you have probably just gotten engaged to be married.


You've only just started the whole wedding process, and whilst you're elated and excited to be planning your perfect day, the wedding you've dreamt of since childhood, you also are very keenly aware of the pressure and high expectations of loved ones on the decisions you make.


Now I have been there myself, a few years ago maybe, but I can definitely empathise. Firstly, take a breath - believe it or not, it's okay to take your time. This whole process, although busy, is meant to be fun, so enjoy it!

Secondly, take a good look around and ask yourself;
What sort of photographer do I really want to shoot my wedding?
What sort of images am I looking for?
Do I like their style their photos?
Do I like them?

Many questions to ask yourself and all really important.

When I got married many moons ago, I let price be the only deciding factor and I was left feeling disappointed with the images and the whole experience. I never really took the time to really look around for what I truly wanted.

So when I started my business a few years ago I was determined not to let this happen to my brides. I wanted to give my brides exceptional service and products that they would love and happily show off to their friends and family.

I wanted my brides to relax in the knowledge that they had just found a wedding photographer - who would provide documentary-style romantic wedding images that capture the spirt of their wedding through beautiful, heartfelt moments and jaw-dropping emotions.

Images that when they looked back on them in years to come, would remind them of their happy day with loved ones. Helping them remember, fondly, those whom sadly may no longer be around.

I wanted to give them a stunning album of beautiful memories, made in Italy, that immortalises their wedding to be enjoyed by generations to come. Photos that are unique, evoking happy tears as they remember their wedding day.

All this, along with an exceptional service that allows brides to be left with no second doubts about their choice of photographer: somebody with determination and drive to provide her brides with unique, forever-lasting memories that capture the essence, joy and spirit of their day, and allow their childhood dreams to be fulfilled and not be disappointed as I was.

That's what I strive for every day. I work with happy, fun-loving brides who can see the beauty and emotions within my work - brides who can see the quality and value of the service I offer, and actively seek out my services to make them feel like they should; beautiful, and glowing with joy, on their wedding day.

If you think I could be the wedding photographer that can help your dreams come true, then let's have a chat!

I'll need about 30 minutes of your time so we can properly get to know one another. You can share your plans of your dream wedding with me, and we'll work out how to see them bear fruit!

So, give me a ring on my telephone: 07812 639775.

I hope to speak to you soon!

All the best,

Helen x

Image of Helen Chapman of Helen Chapman Photography

decorative flower WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days in your life, and that love and happiness that surrounds you both is immortalised in your wedding photographs.

I consider it a privilege to be part of a couple's wedding day, and take pride in ensuring that each wedding is shot from a unique perspective, capturing the personality of the couple as well as the fun and romance of the day.


decorative flower FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY

Those special family years pass so quickly, and it's wonderful to be able to look back on family photographs to bring back all those priceless memories.

I offer a range of packages that include a range of features, from photo shoots in your home or family event venue to on-location shoots at your favourite park or beach. Wherever the shoot, I will capture the fun, love and personality of your family in a set of images that you can treasure forever.



This is YOUR day, and I am there to capture the joy and fun of that day, not to intrude or limit the time you have with your family and friends with long photoshoots. I know that you want to spend as much time as you can with your loved ones. I will take as little time out of your day as possible - for example, setting the equipment up before calling you over, which means that you can spend more time with your guests.

decorative flower


On your Special Day, your wedding is the only one I will have booked, and your wedding will be my sole focus.

I don't share your day with anyone else. This is YOUR day only!

decorative flower


You need to ensure your photographs are professional and polished.

I am a member of the Guild of Photographers and am equipped with professional quality equipment.

decorative flower


Photography shoots shouldn't be stressful or boring

I love my photography and make sure your session is fun and relaxed and captures all the joy of the day.


Photographing your event is just as exciting for me as it is for you. If you would like to talk to me about my portrait or wedding packages, GIVE ME A CALL. I would love to hear from you.


A big thank you to all my clients who have taken the time to send me their comments


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